The Most Guessed Usernames by Brute Force Attackers 2013

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(Last Modified: 5 March 2016)
Protect your password

Choose strong password to prevent Brute Force attack. Illustration (c) caprisco

Like what all of WordPress users out there may experience too, some of my WordPress sites are being visited regularly by brute force attackers that try to guess my login credentials.

I use All In One WP Security & Firewall to catch what are the most guessed usernames. Here is the list of the most guessed usernames that are captured on my log on 2013 (sort alphabetically):

  • aaa
  • adm
  • admin
  • admin1
  • administrator
  • manager
  • qwerty
  • root
  • support
  • sysadmin
  • test
  • user

Prevent using those usernames to make it harder for attackers to get access to your site. Because once they got your username, they will only have one more thing to guess: password (yikes!).

Got other username guesses you want to add? Please leave comments below.

Written by Dhyayi Warapsari
28 December 2013 (Last Modified: 5 March 2016)
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