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A guide to which color combination you should make to get certain monster. How much green, blue, yellow, red, purple, and black level you need to hatch the egg into the monster you want.

(Last Modified: 3 January 2022)
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Sherlock Mysteries is a mobile game app developed by Ilya Platonov, in where you will act as one of Sherlock Holmes' boys or Baker Street Irregulars that are led by Wiggins.

(Last Modified: 6 October 2021)
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List of jobs in High Sea Saga game, including what are their abilities, skills, required knowledge to change the jobs, and where to get them.

(Last Modified: 6 January 2022)
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List of egg locations in Kairosoft's High Sea Saga game. Some quests will always give you egg, while some others only occasionally.

(Last Modified: 15 January 2022)
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Where is the best location to find certain monster in High Sea Saga game? This is guide to help you get the prizes from monster hunt campaigns

(Last Modified: 16 January 2022)

Bonial International GmbH is selling its ownership rights in the Out of Milk app to InMarket Media, LLC. How will it affect the app users?

(Last Modified: 23 June 2021)