About Dhyayi Warapsari

Hello, there! 🙂  Thank you for visiting my personal blog.


I am Dhyayi Warapsari. I use Aurodigo as my nickname on the internet since early 2000s and now it becomes my trademark - that means no one is allowed to use it, except myself.


I have bachelor degree in Japanese Study. Learning about Japanese culture and arts complements my fondness of art. It helps me to highlight the elegance side of an art piece.

Since I was a child, I love hand-drawing. Now in this digital era, I took the next step to enter the graphic design world. It is as exciting as hand-drawing with pencil. 🙂

I also love tinkering with computer and its related stuff, such as hardware troubleshooting, server, web designing, and web programming.

Currently I am working as a freelance designer and have worked on various design projects. My works are ranged from designing printed to online materials.

If you need any help on building sites, designing print & online materials, and translating documents in Japanese-English-Indonesian, you can drop a message and we can start discussing.

I'm also currently pursuing my master's degree in Communication Studies from Universitas Indonesia.

During my study periods, I wrote some scientific publications. You can see my published works on the list of my publications.

What you can expect to read here

I use this personal blog (www.aurodigo.com) to express myself, share my stuffs and experiences. Things you can expect to read here are, but not limited to: my kitchen experiences (recipes and other kitchen knowledge), poems, graphic design stuffs, technology, tutorial, tips, troubleshooting, and health.

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I will share my blog posts, and other interesting articles I found. See you there! 🙂