Bolt Beginner Tutorial

Bolt maybe not your first choice when it comes to choosing CMS. There are more popular platforms out there, such as Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. I have been using all those three platforms above – with Wordpress as the longest one.

If you are Wordpress users too / have seen Wordpress community, you must already know how easy it is to get supports if you have a trouble with Wordpress site. You can also find tons of articles about all things Wordpress, from the beginner level to the expert level.

I am new to Bolt and I feel there is not much articles / tutorials about Bolt that is geared for beginners at the time I am learning Bolt.

Below is collection of articles that I wrote as documentation while learning Bolt. I hope it can be useful for everyone that is new to Bolt.

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How to change time setting on Bolt CMS? Where is the time setting? Which timezone format that Bolt CMS use? All is explained in this Bolt beginner tutorial.

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Beginner tutorial for Bolt CMS, covering on how to install Bolt CMS on XAMPP on Windows. From setting up the site files, setting up the database (using database engine SQLite or MySQL), to creating the first user.