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A guide to find out the final form of the monsters in High Sea Saga. Monsters version 1 and 2 can evolve two times at level 25 and level 50.

(Last Modified: 3 March 2023)
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Get to know the cases in The Red River series in the Sherlock Mysteries Android game app. What are those about and what are the download sizes.

(Last Modified: 9 July 2022)
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A guide to which color combination you should make to get certain monster. How much green, blue, yellow, red, purple, and black level you need to hatch the egg into the monster you want.

(Last Modified: 1 November 2022)
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Sherlock Mysteries is a mobile game app developed by Ilya Platonov, in where you will act as one of Sherlock Holmes' boys or Baker Street Irregulars that are led by Wiggins.

(Last Modified: 3 May 2022)