How to Capture Full Page Screenshot of A Website

Updated on 5 March 2016

I am sure you already know how to take a screenshot by pressing 'PrintScrn' or 'PrtSc' key on your keyboard. It will capture screenshot of everything that is showing on your computer screen. But the problem is, it will only capture what's showing on the screen. How if you want to capture the whole page of a website that is very long you have to scroll it and even maxed out the zoom out can't show the full length?

There are websites that offer online solution for that problem, but I prefer this tips I read on It is tips for Mozilla Firefox Browser users. All you need is the browser itself, no need to install plugin. You can use it to capture screenshots of live site or the one on localhost (in other words, online or offline website).

Mozilla Firefox browser

Here is how to capture screen of full website in Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Press Shift + F2. This action will open console for Firefox Developer Tools.
  2. Type screenshot --fullpage true.
  3. Voila!

Tips for those who want to use auto complete on point 2 above so that you don't have to type letter by letter: type the first letter, then press 'Tab' key.

If you know another easy way to capture full page screenshot of a website, please let me know by leaving comments.

On point 2, you can just type 'screenshot --fullpage' (without typing 'true'). This will name your screenshot image file: "Screen Shot [date the screenshot is taken] at [time the screenshot is taken].png"

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