Setting Up Custom Domain Email Address on cPanel

Updated on 5 March 2016

After buying your own domain and setting up your site on server, the next thing you probably want to do is to create email address with your own branding name. For example, or

First thing you should check is, whether your hosting package is allowing you to create custom domain email address or not. It is ranging from not allowed, allow only 1 email address, to unlimited address. Please ask your hosting provider, if you are unsure.

Now let's begin the tutorial.

  1. Go to Mail > Email Accounts.

Go to Email Accounts on cPanel
You will be redirected to another page.
Pick The Account Name

  • Enter your account name on 'Email'. If you enter 'contact', your email address will be
  • Enter password. Re-type it again below it. Make sure your password is strong enough. You can use password generator provided, if you like.
  • Set your email's mailbox quota. It will use your hosting account's disk space usage, so spare it wisely from your site's files and database quota. If space is not a problem, you can set it to unlimited.
  • Click 'Create Account'.
  • You will get notification that your account has been created.

Congrats! Now you have email address on your own custom domain.

Do you find this tutorial helpful? There will be many more tutorials about custom domain email address to come. Please stay tune! 🙂

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