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I'm a graphic & web designer who love to learn new things that spark my curiosity.

I usually use this blog to document my learning process and findings. I try to compose them into easy-to-follow guides. You can check my blog to read about various topics, such as technology, games, health, cooking, gardening, and languages. Some of them are written in English, while some others are in Indonesian.

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Jobs – High Sea Saga

List of jobs in High Sea Saga game, including what are their abilities, skills, required knowledge to change the jobs, and where to get them.

How to Remove Windows 10 Login Password Using Kali Linux

Do you forget your password to Windows 10 local account and can’t pass the lock / login page at all? The problem is, that locked account is the only account on that computer and it’s a local administrator account. I experienced that nightmare the other day. I searched some free solutions online for that matter…….