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I'm a graphic & web designer that love to learn new things that spark my curiosity.

I usually use this blog to document my learning process and findings. I try to compose them into easy-to-follow guides. You can check my blog to read about various topics, such as technology, games, health, cooking, gardening, and languages. Some of them are written in English, while some others are in Indonesian.

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Perbedaan Sunny Side Up, Over Easy, Over Medium, Over Well dan Over Hard

Sunny Side Up Telur tidak dibalik. Kuning telur tidak pecah. Permukaan atas telur terlihat masih berlendir atau basah (runny). Over Easy Telur dibalik. Putih telur tidak dimasak matang, masih terlihat berlendir (slimy). Kuning telur tidak pecah, lembek (soft) dan basah (runny) atau encer (liquid). Sebutan lain: over light, runny, sunny side down, dippy eggs atau……

Setting Up Custom Domain Email Address on Outlook.com

Update (added on 1 September 2015): Outlook.com no longer supports this service.  Do you already have a domain and want to have a custom email address with that domain name? If you have a hosting, you can follow tutorial on how to setting up custom domain email address on cpanel to create one. But… how……

Resep Kue Sus

Bahan Kue Sus: 200 cc air 100 gram mentega 150 gram tepung terigu protein tinggi 4 butir telur Cara membuat Kue Sus: Air dan mentega didihkan, masukkan tepung terigu, aduk sampai licin, dinginkan. Masukkan telur satu per satu, aduk sampai rata. Semprotkan adonan ke loyang. Oven sampai matang.