Game Review: Sherlock Mysteries

Updated on 3 May 2022

Sherlock Mysteries is a mobile game app developed by Ilya Platonov, in where you will act as one of Sherlock Holmes' boys or Baker Street Irregulars that are led by Wiggins. The game is available on Google Play Store.

The case stories are set in the Sherlock Holmes universe nicely. When playing this game, I feel like jumping into one of Sherlock Holmes novels and directly being involved in solving mysteries with him.

If you are tired of hidden-object or point-and-click detective games, this game is for you. In Sherlock Mysteries, you only need to read texts (or listen to the audio), then just use your brain to make a deduction to solve the case. It's a rather simple game, but it can tickle your brain because there are some twists in the plots that you will find as you "sniffing" around for clues.

The Cases in Sherlock Mysteries

As of 6 October 2021, there are 4 cases which all you can play for free. They are:

  • The Man Who Died Twice by Nick Macari
  • The Case of Clay Pots by Rogue Trooper
  • Murder Behind Closed Doors by Stefano Adriani
  • The Stafford Curse by Tim Stevenson and Beth Stanley

Each of the case above has audio voiced by Daniel Klein. So, you can listen to the chapters, instead of reading it. It enables you to continue solving the case even when you want to rest your eyes.

Other than those four cases, there is development plan to make new cases that will require you to pay to unlock them.

Update on 3 May 2022: now you can check out 5 new cases in the series titled "The Red River".

Solving The Cases

The case will always start with Chapter 1, then you need to follow the clues you got or the hints hidden in the chapter. You can also read the newspaper to get hints. Some hints and clues will open up new chapters. You have to follow all possible clues and hints until you can make deduction.

There is available Notes feature in the game that you can use to note down your findings. But, I prefer to use the usual pen and paper to make it more realistic like detective on the field.

If you find it difficult to get the hints, you can turn off the 'Real Detective Mode' in settings. But, if you are up to challenge, turn it on to turn off the text highlights and hints.

When you are ready, click the solve case option on the Menu. You will need to answer some questions to score your deduction. Then, final chapter will appear where Sherlock Holmes will explain everything.

Other Things to Love

  • There is no ads at all!
  • You only need internet in the beginning to download the cases. Once you finish downloading it, you can turn off the internet and play the game offline.

What to Improve

  • There are some typos in the game, but it's not really disturbing.
  • When I was listening to the audio while reading the texts, I found some differences between the audio and the texts, but, it didn't affect me in solving the case. You won't notice it anyway if you don't listen and read at the same time 🙂

I can just ignore those mistakes and enjoy the game as it is a free game without ads, yet so great! However, if you have free time and feel like helping them to make the game even perfect, why not helping them to improve the game? You can contact the developer in this Sherlock Mysteries Google group.

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