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Published on 3 December 2023
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Townsmen Premium game on Android platform offers two modes to play, i.e. Scenarios and Sandbox.

In Scenarios mode, you will play and do certain tasks following the scenario. In Sandbox mode, you are free to play as you like. Each mode has 33 towns or maps that have various land size and difficulty levels. To make things more interesting, you can also read the map's intro description to help spark your imagination.

In this Townsmen Premium guide, I will list all maps or towns in Townsmen Premium and group them by the modes (Scenarios and Sandbox) and their difficulty levels. I hope it can help you to choose which one is the best starter town for you.

Scenarios Mode

Difficulty Level: Easy

Scenario NameLand SizeDescription
A girl's desiresMediumFulfill the wishes of your wife while dealing with an extortive bandit.
Craftsmen challengeSmallChange the jobs of the given Townies wisely to build a marketplace and a tavern.
The LegacyMediumThe King has a new task for you. He is growing quite old and fears that he will leave this world without leaving a legacy. One that will pass on the lessons he has learned while being King to future generations.
Trading postSmallEstablish a flourishing trading post on the plateau. Lucrative deals with merchants and knights await you.
TutorialSmallThis is the tutorial map. Here you will be introduced to the world of Townsmen.

Difficulty Level: Normal

Scenario NameLand SizeDescription
A Tale of two ClansBigA long time ago in a kingdom far far away, a clash occurred between two groups of Townies. Will you be able to restore the peace and reunite the two families under their former name?
Avalanche riskSmallThere are heavy avalanches in this region. Besides that, you should establish a little town and use the rich ore deposits.
Election dayMediumSoon an election will take place. To keep your job as governor of the town you have to convince several factions to vote for you. Each faction has different interests, so choose wisely.
Insane ChoicesBigYou are called to a village where the Duke seems to be insane. The Townies refuse to pay any taxes! Each choice you make will lead you to a different ending.
Late fallMediumWinter is coming! Help your Townies to prepare for the frosty season!
MoneybagsMediumSave up a bunch of coins. But be careful, bandits have made a lair in the area. Additionally to the bandit threat, unhappy townies will not pay their taxes.
The BeastMediumIn Queen Frygith's lands, a small border town is torn apart by a conflict between two factions. Then a terrible beast starts to attack the Townies. You are tasked with investigating this mystery.
The wood shortageSmallThe King needs a lot of planks to build a big fleet. Find out why the delivery of planks stopped and set up a Trade Guild.
TournamentMediumYour town has been chosen by the King to host the region's greatest joust!
Under siegeMediumBandits are raiding this town. Your task will be to establish a working infrastructure during the siege.
WeddingSmallMake preparations for a grand royal wedding.

Difficulty Level: Hard

Scenario NameLand SizeDescription
A harsh winterHugeBring your town through the unforgiving winter.
A year of festivitiesHugeThe King has married again. To honor his new wife, you are ordered to host several seasonal festivals. The planning and execution however, might prove to be difficult. It will be a race against the clock...
Behind the blindersMediumThe King is going to visit his estates. Get prepared for his arrival.
CathedralMediumEstablish a mining colony and provide resources for the construction of a monumental cathedral.
Diplomatic visitBigThe Queen of a friendly country comes to visit the city. Lucrative trade agreements are to be sealed, but there is a language barrier that needs to be overcome first.
DroughtMediumThe kingdom is suffering from a drought. The river has dried up. This makes cultivating the land an feeding your Townies a challenging task.
Economic crisisMediumSupport your wife and make the economy of a rundown village thrive again!
FarmlandMediumThe King wants to be prepared for bad times and your town was chosen to deliver the required goods.
Military basic trainingMediumLearn the details of warfare from a veteran.
The curseBigThe town is suffering from a curse. Strange diseases and disasters burden the population. It is up to you to find a way to solve the curse as soon as possible. No matter what it takes...
The King's diseaseMediumThe king suffers from a mysterious disease. It is up to you to cure him and find out where the illness came from.
The King's wagerMediumThe King has entered a wager and it is your task to build a big city before the archduke does. You don't have much time to complete all tasks. Do not disappoint him!
The Legendary TasksMediumYour popularity in the city has plummeted. The people despise you! Make sure the Townies love their ruler again! Complete the twelve legendary tasks without failing!
The perfect brewMediumThe King's birthday is coming up. Now you search for the perfect brew as a gift. Maybe the monks at the monastery know more...
UnrestMediumSupport the King in his undertaking to build a great fleet of ships, while keeping the growing unrest in your town under control.
War-riddenSmallWar has a good grip on the land. Far away from the front, you have to establish a thriving town and support the King's army.
WaterwaysMediumA small town has become a big metropolis. Fulfill the desires and needs of the Townies in the given time.

Sandbox Mode

In some of the towns in the Sandbox mode, you have the options to enable or disable the "Threat of bandits" option. If you want more challenge, feel free to enable it.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Town NameLand SizeDescriptionThreat of bandits Option
Cliffs and CoastsMediumThe castle overlooks the ocean from a high cliff. On the surrounding plateaus, you can build a nice coastal town.Available
Divided shorelineMediumA majestic mountain is dividing this your lands. Furthermore, you can conquer an island not far from your castle.Available
Grand canalBigA lagoon with a lot of small islands is the perfect place to build a town that is connected by bridges and traversed by canals.Available
IslandSmallEstablish a village on a wonderful, hidden island. Enjoy the fresh sea air!Not available
LowlandsSmallWide plains and a lot of building space extend to the horizon. Here it is possible to build a truly large city.Available
PlateauSmallThere is a small plateau near the edge of the swamplands. An ideal place for a town.Available
RiverbankSmallYour castle is located on a small river island. Use the surrounding riverbanks wisely and build a thriving economy.Available
The fallsSmallPlan your town well, space for buildings is sparse between the falls and the terrain can be difficult to traverse.Available
The PitBigFar from the castle and the river, lies a sink, only called the pit by the locals. In the middle of it stands one single tree. Only the bravest of governors would dare to build a town near the pit.Available
Vast hillsMediumThis beautiful region is a perfect place to build a big city. The vast hills provide ample room for countless buildings.Available

Difficulty Level: Normal

Town NameLand SizeDescriptionThreat of bandits Option
Big riverMediumCross the river to reach the needed resources for your city.Available
CanyonMediumBuild your town in the canyon. You can find everything you need, but some areas are difficult to reach.Available
CoastSmallThis quiet place at the coast is the ideal location to found your village.Available
Coastal islandMediumIn this bay lies an idyllic island. Can you establish a town of real importance in this remote location?Available
DeltaMediumThe rippling waters of the rivers in this region invite Townies to go fishing or have a swim in the crystal clear water.Available
Frozen plainHugeOn this frozen plain, you have to build a functioning town very fast or starve during the winter.Available
Green valleyMediumA rocky valley containing a lot of resources, but room for buildings is scarce.Available
HighlandsSmallThis country is crossed by mountains and hills. The view is great when you reach the peaks.Available
Kingdom of FrigythHugeThe Queen Frigyth needs a new governor to manage this part of her Kingdom. Build a magnificent town in this new land.Available
Lake viewMediumBuild a small village at the banks of a beautiful lake.Available
MarshMediumIn this region many wet grasslands contribute to the biological diversity of the land.Available
MountainsideBigBeneath the shady plateau a small village may grow into a huge town.Available
River valleyMediumThis lush valley is perfectly suited for building a flourishing town.Available
RiverbedMediumBuild a large town near this dried-up riverbed, but remember that water is a scarce commidity in this area.Available
The icy holdHugeHigh up on a cliff stands the icy hold. Difficult to reach but once scaled, one can see far into the surrounding area of the cold tundra. The winter is very long in this area!Available
The WaterfallsBigTwo rivers meet in the lower part of the valley to form magnificent waterfalls along the mountains.Available

Difficulty Level: Hard

Town NameTown NameDescriptionThreat of bandits Option
ArchipelagoMediumA small group of islands. Colonizing them will be a challenge.Not available
Deep forestMediumUse the surrounding woods in this region to your advantage when trying to establish your town. Water is scarce here, so fishing can't be relied on.Available
Mountain regionMediumAn isolated mountain region in the middle of nowhere. No water, but countless ore veins. The perfect place to strike it rich!Available
MountaintopMediumBuild up a town surrounding your mountain fastness. But be carefull, a long winter is coming.Available
SwamplandMediumSwamp areas make finding suitable building ground difficult. Make sure to make efficient use of the available building groundAvailable
The frozen frontBigThe last war has left most of the town in ruins. Snow covered remains of the town now mark the place where the great battle of the armies occured. Now it is time to rebuild the town. This is a winter only map!Available
WastelandMediumThere's hardly anything growing in this wasteland. No existing river or lake makes urban development even more difficult. Can a successful city be built here at all? On this map it is always autumn.Available
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