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Updated on 9 July 2022
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When I found Ilya Platonov's Sherlock Mysteries game on Google Play store, I felt like I found a diamond in a haystack. It's always refreshing to find detective mobile games that are not hidden-object types. This game goes further by providing neat interface, great stories, and beautiful illustrations.

Some time ago, I wrote a review on the Sherlock Mysteries game app as soon as I finished all the available cases which were 4 free cases. At that time, there was plan to create new stories under the name of The Red River series. I am happy to see that they really put the plan into action.

I was late to read the invitation to join the beta testing phase of The Red River series in their Google group. So, I missed the beta testing for the first case in the series. However, I got lucky to be involved in the beta testing of 4 other cases.

In this post, I will tell you what you can expect from The Red River series and its cases.

About The Red River Series

The Red River series consist of 5 premium cases involving crimes that begin or end in the River Thames. Each case has different theme. The themes are ranging from theater, painting, religion, health, to magic and science.

To unlock the Red River cases, you have to pay USD2.99 per case.

All cases in The Red River series are written by Nick Macari, illustrated by Sasha Gaverdovskaya, and voiced by Daniel V. Klein.

The Cases in The Red River Series

Phantom of London

Sherlock Mysteries - Phantom of London Case

Download size: 76 MB | Difficulty: Medium

A renowned Italian tenor, Giovanni Roppa, returns to London for his final performance after a career-ending fire accident over a decade ago that nearly killed him. After his return, Roppa's old stage composer is found dead in the Thames. The playbills of his upcoming performance are found on the body. Someone is seeking revenge over the fire accident. You have to stop that Phantom of London before it claims another victim.

The Phantom of London case is better be played before you play the Murder in Color case because there is a spoiler in the latter case.

Murder in Color

Sherlock Mysteries - Murder on Color Case

Download size: 57 MB | Difficulty: Medium

"Sous la Tamise" were the last words spoken by the rainbow man before he breathed his last. A calling card to Browning Fine Art and half-melted paint cakes are the clues that will bring you into Victorian London's artistic coterie to solve the case.

A Higher Court

Sherlock Mysteries - A Higher Court Case

Download size: 52 MB | Difficulty: Medium

The finding of a drowned priest in the Thames opens up the hidden and closely guarded dark secret of the Church of England. You have to uncover the truth before the devil makes another judgement.

Case of the Red Death

Sherlock Mysteries - Case of the Red Death

Download size: 74 MB | Difficulty: Hard

The red fog on the Thames is suspected to bring a strange disease that has caused several people to die almost instantly. Londoners fear that it is a new plague outbreak. You must find the source of this plague to stop it from spreading further.

A Handshake with the Devil

Sherlock Mysteries - A Handshake with the Devil

Download size: 88 MB | Difficulty: Hard

A body that looks like to be the victim of dark magic was recovered from the Thames. It may be hard to believe that there is magic world in London, but this case will make you experience it while you are cruising between magic and science in order to solve the case.

Which one should you buy?

Each case can entertain you for hours or maybe days if you play it only in your free time between other activities. Even if you have finished a case, you can still enjoy playing it again in the future. I think the price is worth it.

You can choose it based on the theme. I hope my short descriptions above can give you the ideas on what each case is about. But, really, try all the cases and let me know which one of them that you like the most 🙂

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