Free Simple Inventory Management App to Help Track Household Item / Grocery Stock: Out of Milk App Review

Published on 21 May 2015

I have been looking for an open source stock management software to help me keep track of my household item stock level so that I can create a shopping list faster and easier.

I set the main criteria as follow:

  • Accessible from mobile device
  • Able to utilize product barcode
  • Have product category

At first I went down the PC software route because I thought inputting item stock details will be easier on PC with all its much bigger screen and keyboard than on mobile device. However, the inventory / stock management software for PC are either do not have all the main criteria above or too complicated as it is intended for business, such as ERP (Enterprise resource planning) or POS (Point of Sale) software.

Unable to find what I was looking for among PC software, I moved my search to mobile apps and then came across to Out of Milk app.

Out of Milk App Logo


Below I list some Out of Milk app's features that I love. (Note that this is a personal review based on personal needs - I use Out of Milk version 4.3.2 on Android)

Out of Milk Has Built-In Barcode Scanner that Actually Work

This one quite surprise me. I have tried many free 4-star-or-higher barcode scanner apps available on Google Store, they can not read the barcodes through my phone's camera - the success rate is below 5%.

To be fair, my phone's camera quality is so-so (less than 5 MP). So when the barcode scanner in Out of Milk can read the barcode codes with more than 90% success rate, I am amazed. It can also read the small barcode in tilt position etc. This admiration should also be given to Scandit - the provider of that amazing barcode scanner in Out of Milk app.

With the built-in barcode scanner, you can easily add new item to your inventory. At first you have to scan the code and let Out of Milk search the item name / directly add the item name to your list for Out of Milk to remember. After that, next time you scan the same barcode, it will automatically add the product to the list.

Add Items Without Hassle

Out of Milk has simple interface that looks good and pretty neat. You will not get lost there. Each item has basic information, just enough to keep track of the stock and help you create shopping list. There are item name / description, quantity, price, category, and notes.

Tracking Price History

Every time you update the price info, it will save the old prices. I think keeping track of the price changes can help you decide the plan for your next shopping.

Worth to note that if you clear Product History list, all of the price history will be gone along with all the barcode database.

The Shopping List Calculate the Total Amount You Will Spend

I love this feature. It can help determining the shopping budget.

To get the benefit of this feature,  make sure you input all the item prices. It will calculate all items in the shopping list and give you "estimation" of the total money you will spend. I said "estimation" as there is possibility of price changes on the stores etc.

Share the List

Done creating shopping list, but have no time yet to do the shopping? This feature will save you.

You can share any lists in Out of Milk to anyone by email, text message (MMS), bluetooth, etc. However, it will only send the product name and quantity.

Sync it with Out of Milk Web

Out of Milk provides sync feature. So if you prefer to create the shopping list or grocery inventory on computer, you can create an account on Out of Milk website and manage the lists there. After finish, press sync option on your mobile app and then you can read the lists on the go.

Export Product and Barcode (UPC) list to CSV file

Once you have synced the list from mobile device to Out of Milk web, you can export the list to CSV files. For product list, the csv file will have description, UPC (the barcode), quantity, amount, unit, note, price, and category.

Movable to External Storage

Out of Milk app is movable to external SD card. That means more space on the internal storage and that is good!


Do you have any experience using Out of Milk app? Share it on comment section below.

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