365 Days of Playing High Sea Saga

Published on 5 May 2022

Today, 5 May 2022, I got the notification that I have played High Sea Saga for 365 days in a row!

High Sea Saga - 365 days in a row

It's quite something for me because when I first played it, I never thought that I would be able to reach this milestone. So, I made this post as a celebration 🙂

How can I play it daily for that long?

You may think I'm a hardcore player because I play it daily and even made guides for High Sea Saga game. However, I think I'm just a casual player.

On earlier days, I did have ambition to conquer all the islands, finish all the quests, collect all the monsters, and be the unbeatable pirate on the online battles. I remember I got frustrated because I didn't know where to get certain monsters, eggs, and crews with certain jobs. To help my future self, I created spreadsheets to collect any information I have learned. As the information grew, I turned those spreadsheets into blog posts in the hope that it can also help fellow gamers.

After I have reached about 85-90% of my goals and got really busy with works, I don't play it as intense as before. I usually only login, check whether there are any worthy prizes from the monster hunt campaigns for that day or not, and look around a bit for any new information to update the guides. If there is nothing interesting, I just collect the medals from the Daily Play Bonus and exit the game.

My Statistics

This is what I have after playing it 365 days in a row without any cheats and real money. As I mostly play it casually, I'm sure there are a lot of players with more impressive stats 😀

Days in a row365
Total Population457,354
Quest Score173,245
Islands Discovered39
Completed Quests188
Defeated Enemies480,933
Max Lv.205
Avg Lv.43
Onboard Facilities52
Equipment Discovered136
Relics Discovered120
Rewards Received169
Ship Speed18
Ships Destroyed18
Monsters Hatched174
Online Battle Victories215
Online Battle Defeats144
Kairo Points3,900

Share Your Experience!

How is your experience? Do you enjoy playing High Sea Saga game?

If you have any questions about the game, leave a comment and I'll try to help you.

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