How to Change Time Setting on Bolt

Published on 6 August 2016

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Where is the time setting on Bolt?

There are two ways to access the time setting on Bolt CMS:

  1. Access the config file directly in /app/config/config.yml
  2. Access the config file from admin panel. Choose menu 'Configuration' > 'Main configuration'. It will open up the config.yml in the editor.

The time setting is on line 35 on config.yml (as of the time of this writing, the latest version is 3.0.1. The exact line can vary on different version.)

You will see:

#timezone: UTC

It is by default commented. Uncomment it by removing the hash / pound / octothorpe  / number symbol.

Change The Timezone

Bolt use PHP's timezone setting format, so change the 'UTC' to your timezone using PHP's timezone format. If you are unsure, check your timezone's format in the list of timezones supported by PHP.
For example, my timezone (GMT+7) will be:

timezone: Asia/Jakarta
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