Google Doodle to Welcome Google’s New Logo

Updated on 3 September 2015

An animated Google Doodle - saying goodbye to the old logo, welcoming the new one.

Google Doodle announcing the new logo on September 2015

Google Doodle announcing the new logo

Just yesterday Google announced their new logo on their official blog. Like what Google usually do - creating a doodle to celebrate special occasions all around the world, this time they created a Google Doodle to announce the Google's new logo. It's an animated gif showing the Google's old logo, then a hand wiped the old logo and wrote the new logo. This is a nice move to make people more familiar with Google's new logo. People can see the new logo with more detail as a hand writing the letters one by one - with a bit of touch at the end when the hand is fixing the letter 'e' to be more tilted.

New Logo, New Icons

With the change on logo, I think it's safe to say we will see some changes on the pages' interfaces and icons. By now you can already see some changes on the Google's search page, such as the more colorful favicon and 'Search by voice' icon.

Google's search page interface after new logo

More colorful icons on Search page

The other noted changes are the apps icons. If you logged in to your Google's account, you can see some Google apps icons have been changed, incorporating the new logo's letter 'G'. See below, the Google app icon of Search, Maps, Google+, and Translate have been changed.New apps icons after new logo

That being said, the app icons have not been changed on all place now. As of the time of this writing, the app icons on Chrome browser and on Android mobile still use the old icons. I think the new changes will be rolled out on the next updates.

What do you think of this new changes from Google? Do you like the new logo and all the changes?

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