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Beli games di Steam bisa tanpa menggunakan kartu kredit, yaitu dengan Steam Wallet, alternatif metode pembayaran resmi di Steam. Baca informasi selengkapnya mengenai Steam Wallet dan tempat-tempat yang menjual voucher Steam Wallet / Steam Wallet Codes resmi di Indonesia.

(Last Modified: 8 November 2016)
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How to change time setting on Bolt CMS? Where is the time setting? Which timezone format that Bolt CMS use? All is explained in this Bolt beginner tutorial.

Bolt Logo

Beginner tutorial for Bolt CMS, covering on how to install Bolt CMS on XAMPP on Windows. From setting up the site files, setting up the database (using database engine SQLite or MySQL), to creating the first user.

(Last Modified: 19 January 2017) no longer supports custom domain email address no longer support custom domain management. That means, you cannot create new custom domain email addresses. Then, what will happen to your existing custom domain email address?

(Last Modified: 13 June 2021)

New Google logo, followed by new Google Apps icons. The introduction to this new change on the new Google Logo is animated on a Google Doodle.

(Last Modified: 3 September 2015)