How to (Make) Pizza – Tips From Pusheen The Cat

Updated on 5 March 2016

A refreshment for holiday season.

Year-end holiday season is here. You may want to spend more time in the kitchen to cook something special - like pizza.

Before you start, here is a cute (unhelpful) tips from Pusheen the Cat to cheer you up. Do not follow her tips to the last steps, by the way ;-). Happy cooking and enjoy your holiday :-).

Pusheen the Cat's How to Make Pizza. First, read recipe. Second, get ingredients. Third, preheat oven. Fourth, make a huge mess because you are a cat. Fifth, order a pizza. Sixth, success!!!

It's cooking time for Pusheen the Cat. Pusheen wants to make pizza and she is sharing us her version on how to make pizza step by step. (c) Pusheen

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